Fun. Strategy. Bear Hugs. Bear Murder.

Lonely Bears is a hilarious 2-4 player casual strategy card game where you arm bears to the teeth and pit them against one another. Endless fun, in your pocket!


20 - 40 Minutes

Once you get to know the rules, Lonely Bears is a fast paced, quick-thinking battle to the death!


2 - 4 Players

Lonely Bears is ideally suited for 2 - 4 players, though more can play with additional packs!


Perfect Balance of Skill and Luck

Lonely Bears was made with a philosophy that choices should matter! Each decision you make in the game could propel you to victory or lead to your downfall. However, Lonely Bears has a luck aspect too. A lot of us play games with the same friends and family all the time so Lonely Bears has been designed so it is great for playing again and again, even with the same people. Everyone is always in with a chance of glory!


Play Almost Anywhere

Some of our other favourite games these days come in big boxes which you just can’t ‘grab and go’. Lonely Bears is different. The pocket friendly deck is just a fraction bigger than regular playing cards. This makes it perfect for the pub, train, school or even a lazy morning in bed. You really don’t have to play Rummy for the 6000th time…


68 Unique Full-Colour Illustrations

Each and every one of the 68 game cards features a full-colour unique illustration - there’s no duplicates here. Each card also has a unique humorous name and some hilarious flavour text to keep you occupied if your opponent is agonising over the predicament you’ve put them in! Along with the game cards we also include double-sided rule cards with a full description of how to play and some reminder cards for new players.


Simple, Fun Mechanics

The game includes Event cards, each having an exciting game-changing effect explained on the card itself. This means you can never be 100% sure what will happen next! The rest of the cards include numbers and symbols at the top which allow you to play without having any extra text to read or remember. This keeps the game quick and easy to learn, without detracting from the strategy required to win.